This is an important announcement!

It has come to our attention that there a bottle shortage right now. 

We are asking all of our amazing customers to help us out.

If you are local, live close to our shop, or will be traveling by car to visit our city, we would love for you to bring your bottles back for refilling instead of purchasing new ones.


By bringing back your bottles for refilling, you will save $1 for each bottle! 

All we ask, before bringing them back, is for you to clean them!

Clean & Refill Policy

We do not accept responsibility for the cleanliness of your bottle.

How to Clean Your Bottle

  • Put it in your dishwasher

  • Or

    • Fill the bottle half full with warm tap water.
    • Add two drops of dishwashing detergent and 1 Tbsp. of vinegar.
    • Put your hand over the top of the bottle or seal it with the lid.
    • Shake the bottle vigorously.
    • Empty the bottle and inspect it. If there is still an oily residue, repeat the steps.
    • Rinse the bottle holding it under the running tap. After the bottle is full, sudsy water will come out of the top. Keep running the water into the bottle until no more suds appear.
    • Dump all the water out of the bottle.
    • Make sure bottle dries completely.

    • Cape Ann Olive Oil Co. thanks you for your help during this time and we look forward to seeing you all soon, ready to refill your bottles with your favorite flavors.