It’s the most anticipated event every two years of our lives. The Olympic Games! For years, people have gathered together from around the world to watch our most hardworking and talented athletes to compete in these games. The Games are filled with history and it is exciting to say that olive oil and olive trees stand right along with the history of such an event.

In honor of the five Olympic Rings symbol, here are five facts about olive oil, and olive trees.

1. Blue Ring: A Gift to Winners

The olive tree is the global emblem for the symbol of victory, peace and purity. To the Greeks, they are considered a holy symbol. As part of the ancient Pan-Hellenic Olympics, there was only one winning athlete. This athlete was given a wild olive leaf crown, or wreath. This crown is considered the highest possible award in ancient Greece. An owner of one of these crowns would be guaranteed fame, honor, and respect f
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